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Introducing: Holly our new member of the family

Holly stared her life as a Nissan Master Panel Van when she was transformed via a coachwork into a lovely mini bus.

Over the years she had a few owners before she came to join the family of a church in Glasgow, she was used once a week to pick up parishioners and take them to and from church.

Then COVID-19 stuck the world and as we all know the world stopped and unfortunately there was no longer any use for poor Holly.

For the next few years she was parked up only getting moved for her MOT, and in January 2023 she was needing a lot of attention due to this neglect and failed her MOT. Again she has been parked up untill she came acorss us and wee see just how great she was and will helkp her be great again.

Why not follow her progress in our page dedicated to her.

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