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Lets us Introduce Maxi the Taxi

Maxi is the new addition to the Demon Campers family and will be transformed into a micro camper. 

Maxi has spent her life working hard around the city of Glasgow for a number of years, helping to ensure Glaswegians got home safe after a night out, or your granny got up the road with her shopping or if your like me I would flag down a taxi when the good old Scottish Weather changed from sunshine into rain within ten mins.

So all of her working life she’s kept people safe and got them to where they needed to be, due to changes in Glasgow and the introduction of the low emission’s zone around the city centre she can no longer work like she used to. 

Now this is were Demon Campers comes along to give her a new lease of life.

We have got a lot of work to get her back to her fabulous self and turn her into a new micro camper.

Give us some time and she will sparkle again.


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