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The quirky micro camper that used to be a Taxi in Glasgow now has a new lease of life.

Her Story

Welcome to the story of our unique campervan conversion, born from the streets of Glasgow and transformed into a cozy microcamper, perfect for your adventures on the road!

Our journey began with an old Glasgow taxi, retired from service due to the introduction of Low Emission Zones (LEZ). Once bustling through the city streets, it now embarks on a new chapter as a compact and efficient camper, ready to explore the open road.

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Fiat Scudo

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Imagine waking up to the serene beauty of a countryside sunrise

Stepping outside your cozy haven-on-wheels to breathe in the fresh air and embark on your next adventure. Whether you’re seeking secluded camping spots, picturesque coastal drives, or vibrant city escapades, our converted Glasgow taxi camper is your ticket to freedom and exploration.


From a snug sleeping area to a compact kitchenette, we’ve thoughtfully crafted every detail to ensure functionality without compromising on style.

Her Story

Join us as we embrace the spirit of adventure and celebrate the resilience of this former city taxi, now reborn as a versatile microcamper. Explore our gallery, learn about the conversion process, and envision the endless possibilities that await you with our unique campervan.

Experience the charm of Glasgow’s streets and the freedom of the open road like never before with our one-of-a-kind campervan conversion. Start your journey today and let the adventures begin!

During the conversion