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We have exciting News…..

We have a new home

As many of you might know we have out grown our current facility and while we are sad to see it go we are very excited about this new chapter.

We are moving to a older unit in Old Kilpatrick which is in need of some love and attention, and we are no stranger in bringing things back to life as they say.

There is also another reason for us moving here as this site has a long historical link going all the way back to the Romans.

It is possible that the Roman military presence at Old Kilpatrick was first established during the campaigns of governor Agricola sometime around 81AD, in order to act as a staging-point for sea-based operations on the west coast, many years before work on the Wall began.

2000 years ago, this was the most north-easterly point of the Roman Empire. To the south over the River Clyde as far as North Africa and to the east as far as Asia Minor was Rome, look north to the Old Kilpatrick Hills and you’d be looking at the ancient land of Caledonia, ‘the land of the craggy rocks’.



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